Hot Drinks

Regular coffee – free refill
Double Espresso
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha
Cafe Americano
Cafe Macchiato
Hot Chocolate
Chai Latte
Extra shot of espresso

Charleston Tea Plantation – South Carolina grown tea – it is only one place in North America where one can see hundreds of thousands of tea bushes stretching out across the fields, are after acre, for almost as far as the eye can see. It is quite a sight.

We offer: Green tea, Charleston Breakfast Tea, Green Tea Mint, Earl Gray Tea, Plantation Peach Tea, American Classic Tea

Cold Drinks

Coca Cola products, gun (free refill)
Coca Cola bottle products
Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Milk – plain, Vanilla
Milk – strawberry, Chocolate
Ice Tea
Sm Benedetto 500ml natural or sparkling water
Sm Benedetto 1.5l natural or sparkling water
Perrier sparkling